About Us


Our business is ORGANIC!

At EBS Natural, we produce skin and hair care products using plants, herbs and oil extracts gotten from our natural environment.

We also offer tailor-made skin and hair-care solutions to produce specific products for various skin and hair growth issues.

Our brand was founded in 2016 by Oyenike Owomoyela. The brand was borne out of the curiosity of her 4-year-old son who told her he was tired of the solid refined Shea Butter he used as a skin moisturizer and wanted mummy to “break and whip it” with a spatula to make it softer and fluffy. This was done and the result was amazing; after a job well done, Oyenike presented the golden Shea Butter to her son who still wasn’t scared to express his feelings when he informed her he did not like the scent despite its fluffiness. She was confused and told him the scent was natural and nothing could be done about it. Innocently, he suggested that she sprayed her perfume to improve the scent. She did and you can imagine the result! She uploaded the finished work on her BBM display picture and boom, the inquiries became orders from immediate friends and family members and word of mouth/referral have grown the brand till date.

In a world where everyone wants to become a shade, two or three lighter, Oyenike dared to be different preaching 100% organic products without any added chemicals and bleaching agents.” It was tough at first but we did not relent, we kept pushing and here we are, producing lots of handmade skin and hair care products”.

Today, we have grown from just a small jar of Shea Butter for personal use to a wide range of organic hair and skin care products.

We are also empowering young women, student entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to become a distributor to help fund their school fees or meet their needs for the wellbeing of the family.

We are located in Lagos, Nigeria. We want to take space on every shelf of an average Nigerian household, health stores, supermarkets, major markets as well as go international!

Our Star Promise

Our ingredients are premium, carefully sourced within the shores of Africa not only in Nigeria. No harsh
chemical and bleaching agent. We simply appreciate nature and we celebrate the beauty of the
African skin colour, be it black, dark, caramel, light skin or milky!
All our skin and hair care products are easy to use. Also, the step by step process is included on
the stickers.
We preach the best of skin glow. We strive to repair damaged skin due to harsh chemical use,
we restore dry and blemished skin and provide products to cure skin infections.
No one uses 100% natural products and complains. However, when you are transitioning from
chemical based products to organic, you need to allow for a certain period of time for your body
especially your skin to get accustomed to the new organic products.
Our products are made under hygienic conditions and carefully made by experienced
Have you ever placed an order for a sumptuous meal, enjoyed the meal and you ask for the
price and you are told it’s a certain amount, your jaws drop and you quickly order for more,
thinking it’s a dream. Well guess what, that’s literally how you would feel when you begin to
experience the best of skin care products at an affordable price